Basin Colours

We offer pools in four colours. For technical and aesthetic reasons we do not recommend combining multiple colours in a single pool (e.g. blue bottom and white walls).

white pool basin colour


Clean and Elegant

gray pool basin colour


Industrial Designer

dark blue pool basin colour


Most Common

standard blue dura polymer pool basin colour


Kit Standard & Elegant

Kit Accessories

We offer an accessory package with most swimming pool packages and may include any combination of the following items

swimming pool pump

Circulation Pump

The driving force for water filtration

commercial sand filter

Sand Filter

Sand Filters are typically used to filter contaminants

UV Lampe SP-V

UV Sterilization

UV Light kills pool pathogens and backteria

LED Pool Lights

LED Lights

White lights are usually included with packages. You also have the option of choosing single or multi-color varieties

Pool Heat Pump

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are popular, low cost, and efficient to heat your pool's water year-round

Jet Swim 70 Exercise swimming pool pump and kit

Jet Swim 70

Turn any pool into an exercise pool with a water jet kit