The laminate polyester resins and glass fibre the basin is made of is a very durable material

Special pool gel-coating (the glossy surface layer) is particularly resistant to long-lasting impact of chloride, to sun radiation, and variable temperature. Frame of each pool is additionally reinforced with metal. The pools can also be coated on the outside with hard polyurethane foam which additionally makes the product stiffer and warmer (acting as insulation).

Every new product range is a challenge to our highly specialized and experienced staff. They spend long winter months on developing new reliable mods to make sure our future Customers are fully satisfied.

fibreglass pool
fibreglass pool with enclosure

Due to popularity, more and more people want to have a swimming pool in their back garden. MY POOL DIRECT offers modern polyester fibreglass swimming pools in many models and styles – complete with built-in stairs or steps.

Installing a one-piece swimming pool in the garden, however, does not end only with the installation of the basin itself. We also have pool safety covers, pool enclosures, winter covers and pump/filter housings and accessories.

Model Selection

Along with the development of our company, every year, the number of swimming pools in our offer increases. Currently, our offer includes 26 models of various sizes, starting with 2m-long mini-pools, ending with a 11m- long pool with a jacuzzi.

Durable Fibreglass

A fiberglass pool is often called, by customers, a plastic pool. The truth is that basins of this type in fact have nothing to do with plastic. These swimming pools are made of gelcoat, resin and fibreglass mat.


The main advantage of polyester swimming pools is that they are composed of one element and their surface is smooth.

Top Quality

In order to reduce heat losses, our swimming pools are insulated with polyurethane foam. This layer is necessary because it not only keeps the water temperature, but also protects the swimming pool against mechanical damage from the outside.

It is the quality and our customer’s satisfaction that are the most important for our company from its very beginning. Therefore, during the production of swimming pools we use the most durable materials that allow you to heat water in the swimming pool to even 30 degrees.


The polyester / fibreglass swimming pools offered by MY POOL DIRECT can be made only in the, SKIMMER CONFIGURATION, which means that the water is sucked in by the skimmer (a hole in the swimming pool wall, at the level of the water surface, connected to the system of pipes leading to the filter). Then the filter pump sucks in the water and pumps it into the nozzles placed on the opposite side of the swimming pool and then the filtered water goes into the swimming pool. This is the most common swimming pool style on the market.


Kits include: Skimmer, Pump, and Filter, and more! Please CALL!

1. First gelcoat layer

It is an external (visible to the naked eye) and a more popular layer of the pool. Tool character.

2. Second gelcoat layer

The second layer of gel coat is applied to additionally make the basin resistant.

3. Barrier Coat layer

Spray barrier layer protects the pool surface against osmosis and bubbles.

4. Protective layer

It is a vinyl ester resin that has the same task as the coat barrier layer.

5. Construction layer

It consists of several (depending on the size of the pool) layers of glass mat and resin. This layer is designed to strengthen the entire pan structure.

6. Steel reinforcement

It is steel placed under the pool frame and on the embossing. Its task is to prevent the walls from bending and additionally strengthen the entire basin.

7. Reinforcement layer

The roving fabric is an additional material strengthening the structure.

8. Insulation layer

It is a polyurethane foam whose task is to reduce heat loss and protect the pool from external damage.

Fibreglass Pool Catalogue

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