The Ultimate Pool Building Material

What Is Dura Polymer?

Dura PolymerTM is our marketing name to reflect unsurpassed modern high-performance polymer plastic panel chemistry, manufacturing and welding processes.

Better than Fibreglass!

The advantages of Bespoke Dura Polymer Swimming Pools compared to fibreglass pools is that our Bespoke Dura Polymer Pool is made of a homogeneous 8mm material and therefore can not get OSMOSIS that shortens the life of fibreglass pools.

Dura Polymer also withstands higher temperatures and is more durable, than Fibreglass, thus making it the ideal choice!

High Tech

Dura PolymerTM is a step-up from common polypropylene developed by a team of our technologists and verified by a number of laboratory tests. Raw ingredients, manufacturing techniques and tolerences, quality assurance, and packaging assure the very best pool building material.

UV & Heat Resistant

Our pools will not fade over time as Dura Polymer is UV Resistant providing superb colour stability. It's also the ideal pool building material because it's very strong, does not crack nor affected by chlorine or typical cleaning materials. A huge benefit of this material is its heat resistance.

Dura Polymer can be used continuously at temperatures of -40 to +70 °C.

Any Shape!

Dura PolymerTM panels are made in 5-8mm thicknesses in flat or curved panels. All that is needed is your imagination to bring a 3D design to a backyard realtity.

Swimming Pool Basins

Our pool basins are made with cross-ribbed, twin-wall sheets with a unique internal geometric structure, creating a strong panel that requires less ribbing and metal external braces for most applications.

On-Location Welding

The Dura Polymer does not fade in colour or does it go brittle and crack. Our Dura Polymer material can be heat welded ON-LOCATION to create almost ANY shape or design.

Easier to Clean

Algae does not stick to Dura Polymer panels nor its welds. The welds used to bond the polymer material are even stronger than the material, itself, which is nearly indestructible.